The theme of Snakeskin leather ruled this season on the whole. Literally, because fashion houses encourage you to wear it in total look. Snake leather from head to toe on a dress or set will be a great option for women who are not afraid to experiment and be on time.

For you I have a proposal for maternity styling with the snake of fashion on the mini version of the skin. I decided to just have a handbag, but I decided to play with the patterns. I have chosen her to shirt in the colors of cards and delicate shoes in black and white strips.

The shirt comes from the Asos maternity collection, it has a fashion of tunics, so it can also check after pregnancy. Seamless microfiber Leggings Jojo Maman Bebe, which I find personally the best among many brands. I have tested them by wearing almost every day for a change with others. Compared to the rest, they do not kulkują and incur for wear and laundering. They are soft, but do not stretch and do not defasonuja, as I do with the leggings. Color remained black despite many washes.

34tydzień pregnancy, maternity shirt, card colors, snake leather, handbag, maternity styling for autumn/springBlack maternity Leggings Jojo Maman Bebe, high heels duck, grey snakeskin leather handbag with patches Ribbed shoesShirt: Asos Maternity

Leggings: Jojo Maman Bebe

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Handbag: Mango

Glasses: Céline

In connection with the tip of the blessed state I will get rid of some of the maternity clothes. Some are founded once or at all. Would you be willing to put on the blog a bookmark with such things for sale? I ask you for feedback in the comments.

I also encourage you to have for a post about pregnant care. Recently I was panned for the text that I care about my tummy and, as long as I do not have stretch marks, it is only merit of genetics. I don't think so. I put in a lot of work every day and recently utwierdziłaed me in the right also known aesthetic medicine doctor. I was on a consultation to find out what can be done after pregnancy during breastfeeding and the first of which she started Dr., it uczuliłaed me, I would especially now smarowała the belly even with the olive every day, because the skin is now at the tip of the possibilities. It is pulled to the max (I feel it in the form of pain) at any moment until childbirth may appear large cracks in the form of stretch marks. Then after pregnancy it will be harder for yourself in the living room to help you return to form. In my gentle but long and frequent massages with natłuszczaniem clearly cause the forgiveness of pain and relaxation of the skin. We do not give up the woman to the end!

Sylveco Balm is a cool, inexpensive option.