As announced in an earlier post I will now share with you the impressions of the trip to the south of Sardinia.

In Sardinia I was 2 times in my life, once on a picnic and a second time in late September, every time in the same place. Our goal was to learn Kite'a in a nursery in Porto Botte, we wanted to avoid a tiring heat, hence the choice fell on May and September. I did not wonder at all what this place was. Nastawiałam only at the ciśnięcie of science at about Kiting, and in the break I counted for walks around our town with a stop for delicious Italian food and coffee. On the spot it turned out that the trip would look a little different. Porto Botte is a village in the province of Carbona-Iglesias in the south of Sardinia, according to. Wikipedia resides here 131 thousand. People in the municipality named the same as the nearby town of Giba. The easiest way to get to the place is by plane to Cagliari and from here by car to the spot. There are 2 roads with similar distance of 80 km, but one is faster and the other is a serpentine curving in the mountains, which we will drive 40 km/h due to the corners.

It turned out that we got to a completely untouristous region. There are no resorts, foreign shops, touristic, bustling pedestrian streets. The locals are mainly engaged in agriculture. The area around Porto Botte literally blow emptiness. The goats graze, there are plenty of wild birds, beautiful wild flowers, few people. Tourism has not developed here because the locals are wary to strangers and do not want to lose their beautiful land. If you want to forget about the world and slow down the moment in your life, this place is perfect. There is no high-speed internet, phones often lose coverage at all.  At the same spot are the backwaters on which the flamingos live!

When not blowing, sun Przygrzewa very strongly, the water in the sea is Cieplutka, and beaches in the beautiful area. In summer, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding are practised, and winter rides are cycling here. On the road there is almost no traffic, and the views in the valley are picturesque.

The nearest accommodation is in Villarios, 5 km from Porto Botte, it is a complex of terraced apartments, larger and smaller, some 2 level, with balconies or gardens. It features a swimming pool and a barbecue and fireplace. The apartments are located on top of the hill where the Villarios is located and all are returned to the spot. The view is fantastic.

View from the living room.

The view from the apartments is also beautiful at night.
The view from the terrace of another apartment where we lived in September.

Villarios turned out to be not so much a town, which is rather a settlement of cottages on the hill, with one shop (usually closed) and one café (I had no opportunity to ascend to it), one church, this reminded us of a call every day. It was the stranger that for 2 trips I saw there a few residents only, like in the Villarios is a playground and campiello, but I have not seen any kids there. During the walk we were so unique that an older woman, a resident of one of the houses came out seeing a Helena to talk to her and laugh. Unfortunately, none of us speaks Italian, so I ended up smiling:). The locals are bred here animals, trees grow oranges, figs and grapefruity, for our Polish climate is a good exotica.

Walk around Villarios













In the neighborhood itself, nothing happens.  There is no city transport or taxis, the car is the basis. It is useful to get to the spot, to buy food to the apartment, if you want to cook, or to drive somewhere for breakfast. You can rent something already at the airport in advance, or rent something with the help of a nursery from Lokalesów. In the vicinity of Villarios the nearest restaurant is on spot, if you want to cook it shopping in the nearest town Gibie (5km). There are 2 Lidl and 1 Some competitive supermarket (I can not remember the name, maybe Spar), there are also more dining options.



At the beginning of May, when we were first time still too cold for swimming in the sea, the cold wind effectively ochładzałed the air to 20 St, then there are less people in the region, for Zmarźluchów is not the best period. As you can see after my picture, no long foam or move to the water.


So you poczynałam with the kite during the lesson.












Spot Porto Botte and its nearest area.

It can not miss the pictures of fashion. In the landscape of Sardinia beautifully I wpasowała a collection of H&M, almost "from head to toe" except for sandals and glasses. 😉

But you don't have to get bored in Villarios. With a car, you can take a lot of interesting trips around the area like we did.  Just 20 km away is the island of Sant ' Antioco, with its atmospheric harbour, the historic town and the church, which can be reached with the ferry to San Pietro Island. The coast of both sides abounds in beautiful beaches. Some of them are wild, and in others you will find pubs, campsites and ports.

Sky High Porto Botte

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