On the basis of my experience from the previous and current pregnancy, I decided to write a practical fashion guide about maternity clothing for all women who will be mamas. If you have just did a pregnancy test and this is your first pregnancy, then you don't know what you are looking forward to;) but maybe You're already a mom, but want to keep up to date with what the clothes manufacturers now offer, where and what you can find for yourself? When to buy maternity clothes? What can you leave in your wardrobe?

Pregnancy is the time at which our body is subject to diametralnym Changes. Some changes are common to all of us and others are subject to individual laws. Since this is a fashion blog it will focus on those substitutions that require wardrobe changes.

As with any gadget for the dzieciaczków of parents waiting for the pitfalls of unnecessary purchases (for These applications ripens later in the use of the data of Things) the same can be with maternity clothes.

If you are not worried about your budget, then the issue of buying something nice in pregnancy will not be a problem, but if for some reason you do not want to spend money unnecessarily, then i'll try to advise you how to do it:).

What about the old wardrobe is not useful in pregnancy?

No matter when you grow your tummy and whether you are posiadaczką big or small breasts, you will not be pregnant with the bras you have so far. With figs and thongs that are not very flexible I also advise with With. The pregnant will not be useful for tight trousers and skirts, mom pants, tight t-shirts, Taliowane shirts; matching, inflexible Dresses. In general, inflexible clothes I advise to immediately tuck into the closet for the next Season.

What new pregnant clothes will you need?

When there are two strokes on the test is not a time yet rather long for gestational clothes, there is one thing in which it pays to invest from the Beginning. Especially if you intend to Breastfeed.

lingerie, good, Soft Bra.

In the 5th week of pregnancy One of its first symptoms is swollen, sore Breast. From that point on, they will grow steadily until immediately after childbirth, when the food will be Greatest. After the unormuje, the size of the shaft is reduced to slow down as the feeding time passes. This is a huge change, but stretched over time and from how we take care about the bust from start to finish, depends on its condition after pregnancy, or later after Feeding.

The remedy for the problem with the breasts is well chosen, supporting respectively, but nieuciskający, not deforming, preferably soft bra-without Fiszbinami + almond oil for skin spreading or special cream for stretch marks (i recommend to avoid those with Harmful chemistry in the composition, because we will lubricate our channels and lymph nodes under the armpits also).

If you are going to feed it, you should buy a bra for nursing immediately, and use it after Childbirth. of course, because the size will change it does not buy a few bras right away, because the breasts are still 2 times can resize, but as I wrote after childbirth will also gradually diminish and his first maternity bra will be able to wear even The end.

Maternity and nursing bras, maternity clothes, hot milk, cache coeur, momtobe.pl

The best soft bra on the market in my personal opinion offers the Hot Milk and the Coeur Cache, such a hold, wearing comfort and nice shape in a bra without baleen has given me no brand.

Odradzałam also has thongs and old Panties. For me at the beginning did not mount kilograms to almost 6 months, but the panties Wciskały me in the hips, which, however, increased the circumference and the underbelly, which hurt me from This. Maternity panties are specially contoured under the abdomen or belly and do not oppress. are very convenient. Despite their amusing appearance in winter I liked to wear these high, because they also protected the Dzidziusia from the COLD. 🙂

panties, Pregnancy panties, Urban ciażowe, lingerie, Cache Coeur

pants, Leggings or Skirt.

Although the gestational tummy will not be seen yet long (with me for at least 18 weeks) it's a tight pants advise Against. From the beginning you can feel pain in the abdomen from stretching your uterus and better bet on looser pants, like boyfriendy, tracksuits, or Chinosy.

overall, I advise at this stage to invest surely in the pants and tights gestational leggings. If it is summer, you will successfully buy a gestational Shorty.

Maternity pants have 2 patents. Like figs, or they end low under the belly, or Flörsheim the whole tummy with a strip of soft material that is sewn over a low condition that ends up under the belly. Such a material stretches over time, so one couple is enough to end the pregnancy, and after pregnancy at the beginning also can serve us before we return to its size. The only drawback of the pants with the belt is that at the beginning it is usually too loose and the pants will not be so good for us to Keep. There are also patents with adjustable elastics on the edge of such material, which can reduce the circumference, so that the belt does not fall. Such trousers and leggings will best serve us from 18-20 T.C.  Those with low state from the Start.

As it looks in practice take BELOW.

Maternity pants, Maternity clothes, tubing, Leggings

Maternity pants is the easiest way to buy. All possible pants styles can be found in the version of the belly-boyfriendy, tubes, chinosy, cigarillos, bells, Kuloty.

At the end of the list of shops where you can find the biggest, the best choice of clothes for mam, because it still is shops that have to dress mom from head to Toe.

If you like walking in skirts then they have a similar patent making pants. i.e. Lower state and Doszyty Belt.

however, You can use sometimes looser skirts if they have a flexible material or a soft eraser from their existing clothes.

blouses, T-shirts

If you're wearing the oversizeowym style, you'll need less clothing, but in another case you'll want to buy new clothes after 4 months. You can flip to the usual, loose, voluminous elongated blouses with flexible materials, or loose shirts/tunics, but must be really loose in the last trimester of pregnancy especially. You can also invest in special maternity blouses and Shirts. They have special patents that make them grow with belly, often they also have the option of easy access to the breast to feed the baby, so they are also useful after pregnancy. however, their size is adapted to larger, different weight sizes, so it's easier to match your current Silhouette. Even if you do not feed, then many blouses successfully after pregnancy you can leave in the Closet. In my case, even in 7 months I tried to use a top on the shoulder straps, loose-shaped, the effect was that the material on the front did not veiled the entire abdomen, and under the armpits blouse made a tight, so I definitely put on the blouses of the department Maternity.

How do you look for special maternity blouses?

In maternity shops, you'll buy t-shirts, longsleevy, shirts, tunics, spaghetti tops, Sporty sweatshirts that are perfect for your tummy.

Shops offer blouses that emphasize the silhouette, or Not. All types of blouses are longer than Standard. If you like to emphasize the silhouette, you will choose something from appropriately flexible, longer blouses, which may have special wrinkling or kontrafałdying around the belly, or are wider in front and can be tied with a strap. If you have a closet with really long and flexible blouses, sweaters, you will probably be checking in during your Pregnancy. however, Ordinary T-shirts Fall off.

You can buy all the pregnancies and the shoulder blouse with a detachable top for feeding. They will check in the summer as a gestational top, a winter as a T-shirt and after pregnancy to Feed.

Let's not scare you in the shirts or tunics the width of the material, in the middle of pregnancy will still be loose, but if you want to use them for the rest of the pregnancy, then remember that the belly will grow to the end, so the blouse also must.;)

If you're curious as to what your maternity blouse looks like, then look BELOW.

Types of maternity blouses, maternity tops, shirts, Maternity clothes, Guide


If you wear dresses, it will be easiest to pick something from your wardrobe to avoid unnecessary purchases. All dresses with a flexible knitted and crocheted tube, or those with a loose hem in a shape and any oversize, longer dresses (shorter You can wear for leggings as Tunics) are a great fit.

Cami Maxi dress, dress, maternity clothes, boho/ethno, long dress, braids, masuria, uncovered back

The tubes of both summer and winter crochet will be proven if they are suitably flexible, because the matched bottom won't let the podjeżdżać dress up. At the beginning of the short dresses will be ok, later they can pull up on a larger tummy, so the better will be longer. The only downside is that the dress can be permanently stretched.

Typically maternity dresses I present to you on Collages. They are matched to the Mummy's shapes, grow with brzuszkami, some are suitable for breastfeeding. As a rule, maternity dresses are more Expensive. Prices of these pretty, well weaved start from 200 zł, but you can search for OLX. These are things worn only for a few months sometimes, so you can find the second hand super clothes at very great prices.

Casual Maternity Dresses:

Casual maternity dresses, Pregnancy dress, pregnant fashion, wrap around pregnancy dress, ruffle dress, Maternity clothes

Elegant maternity dresses:

Elegant maternity dress, Maxi dress, bump, Elegant maternity dresses, maternity clothes

For the warmer months to dresses/skirts obtaining in maternity tights, may have a specially higher condition on the front, gently wrapping the whole tummy, so they will not zsuwać. In addition, warm Dzidziusia had to podwiewało cold under her dress.

What else might come in handy?

pyjamas, swimsuit, training outfit and Clothing.

In mid-pregnancy you will be handy for comfortable sleeping Pajamas. You can equip yourself with the usual shops in soft knitted outfits, preferably with healthy breathable materials or in maternity clothing Manufacturers. The pros are that special maternity pajamas grow with you and dzidziusiem for the rest of your pregnancy, and you will find many very feminine sets or Halek to sleep in which you can feel sexy and additionally Breastfeed.

Clothing.  If you do not have a poncha or loose coat or jacket, you will need a gestational jacket or coat in the colder months above 6 months, so that you can fasten freely.

Maternity jackets, Maternity coats, Maternity clothes, maternity clothes, coats, Jackets

It's such a primer of maternity clothes. You can find the widest selection of clothes online. Stationary we probably only H&M and department mom is only in selected salons, sometimes you can buy something interesting, and certainly not lack of base. Everything can be purchased ONLINE.  however, I do not recommend bras from H&M, do not support the shape of the bust Well.

I like Asos Most. In my opinion the most beautiful and fashionable styles, sometimes there are cool promotions. A huge plus that you can now do reimbursements for the cost of Asos at the Polish post Office. On the land is a very large choice, but sometimes inflates prices, have good quality underwear. Beautiful mom is a Polish shop and has a huge selection of all maternity clothes from different manufacturers and good quality with wide rozmiarówką and cheaper lingerie, I recommend with a clear conscience instead of H&M bras. easy exchange and returns, I never had Problems when shopping in this Store.

If you have any questions are happy to answer All.