I don't know about you, but I do never take part in the baby shower. Causing almost 5 years ago Helena I was not thinking about this for various reasons. Now with my next child, as soon as one of my girlfriends reminded me of something like a baby shower, I decided to bite the subject. Especially since I know from experience that after childbirth will not soon be an opportunity to meet freely in a larger group without children.

Baby shower, it's a boy

What's going on in the baby shower?

The Baby shower is an acceptance in honor of the future we have, during which the close mom of women obsypują Her "rain of gifts", share experience, advice, give support and entertaining her last moments before giving birth. It is customary between 7 and 9 months of gestation. It is not contrary to appearances a new secular tradition, because in the countries of Anglo-Saxon is practiced since the eighteenth century. Also in many other places in the world, we are celebrating the future of other women before the birth of the child-such as In India, Canada, Guatemala, Nepal, and in Jewish societies.

Baby Shower Ornaments,

I wondered how this event should look, so I read a little on the internet and my conclusions are as follows:

It is a party only for women, a type of tea party, so we meet in the daytime, before or after noon. For light snacks of fingerfoods type and soft drinks (it is a pregnant and baby party, so nohow alcohol does not match this event). In the sweet part of the nice to check nicely decorated cupcakes'y, which also do the thematic decoration and no main decoration is usually a personalized cake. Here confectioner can fun artistically. 
Who is responsible for organising the babyshower?
I learned that as with the evening Maiden, traditionally the babyshower should organize a close future mom of a woman to relieve her in the often tiring last months of pregnancy. The whole party can be a surprise, of course, off the date that MOM could prepare. can also be fixed top with the main character, but the organization is to be on the head, a friend or sister. I decided to organize the party myself, because I didn't feel it was a burden on me. Upewniłam only a month before that deadline will be most invitee to fit.

By. What we rozeznałam we have 3 options:


Such a reception can be easily arranged at home. It can also be a very cool option if the term falls out in warm months and you have a garden. The pros are such that we do not waste time looking for a place and we leave the costs of the premises. However, preparing the self-acceptance even in a simple version, it is my opinion too much work for the future we have. Home reception will check if you can help your friends (Super Economical version) or the catering service in preparing the menu. To decorate home in a climate babyshower easily buy gadgets for little money without leaving the house eg. In PARTY BOX. You can also order a team that will decorate the house or the garden. Remember to pay attention to the online shops or the balloons are filled helium or to fill.

Minus The acceptance is that you are staying at home with all the mess.

Cafe, Restaurant:

In Warsaw there are many establishments of this type, which have experience and ready offers for baby shower. I just chose this option. It was the most convenient for me. The venue that I chose to prepare the event was from a to Z. There were several menus to choose from, the service took care of the Przyozdobienie Hall, the order and the delivery from their confectioners delicious cupcakes and cake, decorated according to my guidelines. At your disposal we had for a few hours a whole mezzanine for yourself and a service dedicated to our reception. The most difficult thing to do after taking a gift is to take a bunch of gifts;)

Baby shower, coffee shop, Przyozdobienie table and Hall

Studio apartment, Salk for rent.

You can rent salkę (sometimes some settlements have this possibility), or some photo studio. Then you bring your own food-just like at home, you can produce something homemade or order catering. Decorate your studio with the help of your girlfriends bought garlands, balloons or order a company. By the way in the studio you can eg. Organize a photo session or play in the FOTOBUDCE.

List of gifts:

Whether you are organising a party or not, you might want to suggest a list of gifts in addition to the guest list. You can indicate only the type of things you need for babies, suggest favorite brands or colors, or just write specific models, specific things. Friends will then be able to decide that one example. He buys a blanket, and another rompers, you would not be unnecessarily a few of the same things. If you prefer something more expensive, instead of a lot of gifts, guests can arrange a screenshot.


Fun, Games:

I wondered if there are any thematic games on the baby shower, at home I forgot about it altogether. But if you were looking for ideas, then I found some games on this site Pampers.

Such a trip skompletowałam during the baby shower (pictured just missing 2 more packages paddings;))

Summarizing. I am a party I have organized myself. I chose a café serving such receptions and I was very satisfied. I dropped a wider list of things needed for baby. I gave guidelines on how to look for a cake. It was very cheerful at our meeting. First of all, most of us already have children and we had the backlash coming out without them. Speaking in a broader circle of women having their own birth after years, it turns out that there is a pile of laughter. Watching the gadgets for babies has allowed me to feel the power to give birth, to make it faster to have already in the hands of the little thing that will use these things:)

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In the next post, if you are curious I will write about gifts from Babyshower. Just let me know in the comments if you want.