Welcome to the blog in 2018! It's nothing that has already passed one of the 12 months of this year. What has happened?

You can keep an eye on Instagram. The end of the year and the beginning have been very intense. At the beginning of December we to another apartment (acc. Some statistics, people in life are most afraid of two things: death and just moving. 😉 ) I don't know if that's true, we had quite a few things to carry, but somehow we did. Unfortunately, during the move was killed my favorite straw-type hat Panama from Hat hat, which was the Dotkliwsze during the uprising trip, where the sun was not missed.


Paje restaurant Kite Lodge/Ocean Indian/Zanzibar


Zapowiadałam it before and according to the announcement in January we have a great trip to Dubai and Zanzibar on Kajta. Live coverage I gave a non-stop to Insta. Now that I've almost zdążyłam to change my skin, shake sand out of things and cool I'm starting to go to the agendas in photos and videos of the trip. We were able to visit a lot, and I will have some fashion and makeup inspiration for you. The blog will have a little later relationships.

View from the world's tallest building/view from the highest builduing in the world.
Burj Khalifa at night/Burj Khalifa by night.


I will quickly add that this trip as well as a few of our previous was organized mainly under our kitesurfing lessons, so the directions are unavoidable. I am proud to praise that I ended my studies in Paje (Zanzibar), where I obtained a patent and became a standalone kitesurferką:))). It wasn't easy moments, but I'm glad I overcame my weaknesses and didn't abandon the rehearsals.

Sunset in Stone Town, Zanzibar/sunset in Stone Town, Zanzibar
Paje, Zanzibar
View of the hotel Kisiwa on the beach in Paje/view from Kisiwa on the Beach Hotel in Paje
Kite Center in Paje


Before you get an entry about Zanzi, first you will be about Sardinia, on which we were already 2 times Kajtowo and we'll probably go back in June again. The base is located in the south of Sardinia in Porto Botte, it is a total province where you can hide and forget the world. I think I'll be able to discover the unknown and very beautiful places in front of you.

Sardinia, the rock of Mr. Di Zuchero, or literally "cube of sugar"


Then I should write a post about Milan, where I spent the weekend in October, enthusiasts fashion should visit as I had in the outlets. Hunted a few mega pearls.

Milan Cathedral Duomo/Duomo di Milano.


Somewhere along the way I will still be writing about the makeup shopping in Dubai and about my year's discoveries with Huda beauty, grated, Kat Von D and Narsa. The new Year is also a new fashion inspiration, the winter I started to find after 2 months at the end of the perfect artificial fur and retro glasses, according to. Me must this season.

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I cordially greet in a better 2018. :*

* All photos in this post are my authorship or my husband, all copyright belong to us.