Pregnancy is a time of great change in the body of women on many Levels. Hormones cause visible changes in the mood, appearance and thanks to them our pregnancy develops, and the small in our belly gets everything you need. however, quick changes expose our bodies to stretch marks, loss of firmness and many other individual reactions, so it is important to care for Pregnancy. On the one hand, it is a time in which it is especially important how we take care of ourselves, that after pregnancy to maintain a good condition of the body and our Silhouette. On the other for our health and our baby in pregnancy we have to give up many previous habits, beauty treatments to Poddawałyśmy Before. I am eg. I gave up on laser hair removal, favorite Massages (during This period you can only undergo special massages performed by specialists, adapted to our condition). All aesthetic Medicine is eliminated. I also already 5 years ago I blew out of the use of any cosmetics with parabens, EDTA or aluminum salts. however, I quickly developed myself a safe necessary kit for the duration of pregnancy and just after.

Cosmetics for pregnant women on stretch marks, varicose veins, on calf cramps. Sylveco, Floslek, Better You Magnesium Oil, Butterfly Good habits are essential!

It is known that earlier life habits or genetic determinants are the most important, and if you have not dbałaś of yourself so far, then suddenly one cosmetic product will not change the situation diametrically, but it can help. remember, too, that every moment is good for changing habits, and doing anything is better than not doing anything.

In the first pregnancy I opened my eyes to what I ate so far, I gained a lot of awareness about healthy eating and about unhealthy chemistry in cosmetics. I did not want to check whether my skin is prone to stretch marks, or whether my breasts already before the pregnancy in the size of the 65F cherries and according to the predictions feeding him will destroy, so I immediately got knowledge of how I can take care of myself safely for the CHILD. None of those things afraid not happened. The stretch marks I don't have, the bust has perfectly, despite the feeding of a small mammal 1.5 years, cellulite not Experienced.

In addition to a few inexpensive cosmetics you'll read about, My most important rules are:

1. Diet 

Let's not fool ourselves, but the excess sugar is not only unhealthy but it affects how our body looks. I recommend to reduce the sweets, bread, pasta, Fruit juices. (freshly squeezed once a day is enough, better to eat whole fruits, and all the other sweet drinks unfortunately won!)

water, water, water! The water is what we need. May be with the addition of lemons, fresh Ziólek. The mouth will thank us for hydration not frowning prematurely, the body is easier to remove toxins, being well Irrigated. Water is the best beverage. It will also help us to increase the supply of water when the calf cramps occur and most of us will experience it. As the pregnancy increases the amount of blood in our body, we need to produce fetal water, so the body really needs more water.

2. Moderate movement, Walking. It's always Good.

Subscribe to Yoga for pregnant, fitness, Pool. You can like me to practice at home 20 to 40 min per day with the Baby2Body app.

3. Skin Massage

Any massage on exposed parts of the body will work great. Whether it is massage with a cosmetic, or in the shower a few minutes delicate massage with a rough sponge or pillingiem. Massage the shower alternating with cold and warm water (i do not practice it, because I do not like cold water). You can massage rolerami.

4. Suitably selected cosmetics

It's Great to supplement the above prophylaxis with the first 3 points and are my must have for 3 problems in Pregnancy.

Cosmetics for pregnant women on stretch marks, varicose veins, on calf cramps.

1.Na Stretch Marks:

Natural oils and butter to the Body.


They are cheap and very nourishing for the Skin. You can put on clean, natural oils, among which the Topem hits are sweet almond oil or ready-mixed, with some cool compositions from organic Producers. Unlike lotions and drogeryjnychs lubricants, where nature is usually the least and we can in many cosmetics dedicated to the pregnant find harmful ingredients, or cheap zapychacze, it's no oil, pure vegetable butter will not hurt us and Maleństwu.

The best sweet almond oil-cheap, Extremely effective skin firming, moisturizes and protects against stretch marks, it regenerates it perfectly. I like its delicate aroma, very quickly absorbed, it is safe in 100%, so it will be great for the skin care of our babies from the first moments. There is nothing harmful here. As for example, Wszędobylska paraffin in Baby cosmetics, which is perfect for the hands in the beauty salon to Wtłoczenia suitable cosmetics, and after the treatment, the paraffin is scraped offed and disposed of in the Garbage.

In addition to this well serve any other pure essential oils like coconut, wheat germ, jojoba, monoi (beautifully fragrant!), argan, Pumpkin seed. You can try to mix them by searching for your fragrance. however, If you don't feel like having fun, the almond oil itself will be checked from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy and to your baby. I always have it at Home.

Sweet Almond Oil. Nacomi
Sweet Almond oil Nacomi, bought in Hebe, price about 13 zł

If you prefer a different consistency, then I have 2 proven cosmetics:

Little Butterfy Cocoon of bliss, butter for stretch marks

Butter for stretch marks for pregnant British company Little Butterfly, Cocoon of Bliss. Option more expensive, about 160 zł. Dense with a very rich and safe composition, it is certified Eccocert. We find a lot of beneficial substances like Aloe vera, cupuacu butter, kokum, mango, illipe, shea, elastane, Roiboos extract, arnica, algae, Rosehip, Calenduli Flower and Meadowsweet leaves. It smells good, It is very dense, not everyone will fit it, especially as the skin hurts at the touch and you still need to lubricate it with dense butter. The price may be prohibitive, but it has multi-dimensional action and is very efficient, enough to have at least half the pregnancy of daily abdominal and breast lubrication. The cheap option is natural butter like Shea or cocoa, which needs to be warmed up in the hands before being relubricated, or other ready-made butter with a proven safe for you and babies in your tummy eg. From Minty Shop Pl, which you can find Here.


Moisturizing lotion on the rostępy of the Polish company Sylveco. It costs only 40 zł. It has a very effective and at the same time safe, but not extensive composition strongly. It massaging very good, because it has a creamy texture and glides smoothly on the skin. It is absorbed after a few minutes, so it is possible to perform gentle massages, giving a clear relief and feeling the moisture of tense skin. There is no cool smell, a delicately palpable herbal fragrance. Practically odourless. In Sylveco we find a large selection of natural cosmetics with safe but well-functioning skin composition for pregnant women and children from Birth. Prices are very affordable, and these are really effective cosmetics.

I recommend shopping in Minty Shop PL, besides Sylveco you will find many other ecological cosmetics in the category mom and Baby.

On Muscle spasms:

Better you Magnesium Oil Goodnight, Magnesium

Goodnight Magnesium oil, Better You-price about 75zł/100ml

Sure your doctor will recommend you magnesium to Swallow. It also works well for baths in Epsom salts-that is, magnesium salts, which is perfectly absorbed by the Skin. however, it will be a great applies fertilizer of the Better You magnesium oil which is on the spot where the muscles are stapled. Visibly relaxes cramps in Minutes. I use a version of Goodnight which additionally contains esktrakt with essential oils: bergamot, Sage and Chamomile. They work calming effect, so this oil perfectly helps to Sleep. Very efficient, enough for the whole pregnancy.

For varicose veins and swollen legs:

Floslek gel for legs with chestnut and miłorzębem, 200 ml-19 zł. Pregnancy promotes opuchnięciom and formation of varicose Veins. rather, in any pregnancy I had no problems with Puchnięciem except this summer, when I had no klima at home and it was very long hot, but varicose veins and without heat can Happen. Great besides bathing improving circulation (on swelling-cool baths are super) works extract of horse Chestnut. Most ointments for varicose veins, require consultation with a doctor, in turn ointments with natural extracts have very uninteresting fillings. After studying many compositions I found a very cool gel with a large amount of horse chestnut extract without harmful chemistry from the company Floslek.

Crotch protection:

Weleda Massage oil for intimate places, 50ml-47 zł. The subject of crotch protection may spend a dream with the eyelids not one of us, taking the first pregnancy olałam About. I did not know this from the school of birthing for the first childbirth, but I recently learned from Douli that during the 2nd phase of childbirth, when the head passes the widest place should be absolutely no support, then the head has a chance to slip without damaging Crotch. This requires, of course, a signal from an experienced midwife and our Cooperation. In every tutorial for women, however, We will read that it's worth from 34 weeks of pregnancy to perform massage of sensitive neighborhoods to make them flexible enough for the time to Try. Most often, sweet almond oil is recommended again because of the mega firming properties and safety of Use. however, I found an equally inexpensive Weleda Oil. It is a certified natural cosmetic. The composition has almond oil, wheat germ oil and natural essential oils. A massage instruction is also included.
Weleda Crotch Massage Oil

 What would you do to this list if you were to deal with the future mothers? What have you checked? Be sure to write in the Comments.

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