Pink and winter

This season the color of pink governs. He appeared on the catwalks under the motto "Pink Punk". Strong roses combined with studs, strong slogans, in the punk-rock issue no longer associate with Barbie. A strong shade of pink is very cool to revive our look, it is a stimulating and positive colour. We have a […]

How to organize a baby shower?

I don't know about you, but I do never take part in the baby shower. Causing almost 5 years ago Helena I was not thinking about this for various reasons. Now with my next child, as soon as one of my girlfriends reminded me of something like a baby shower, I decided to bite the […]

Snake skin and other patterns in pregnancy styling.

The theme of Snakeskin leather ruled this season on the whole. Literally, because fashion houses encourage you to wear it in total look. Snake leather from head to toe on a dress or set will be a great option for women who are not afraid to experiment and be on time. For you I have […]

Pięlęgnacja pregnant, my body cosmetics essentials.

Pregnancy is a time of great change in the body of women on many Levels. Hormones cause visible changes in the mood, appearance and thanks to them our pregnancy develops, and the small in our belly gets everything you need. however, quick changes expose our bodies to stretch marks, loss of firmness and many other […]

Summer dress perfect for autumn.

In recent posts I mainly start the countdown weeks to childbirth:). So it's already in the pregnant. Today I am entering the 36 week of pregnancy, so I approach slowly toward the end. In a moment dedicate my a totally tiny bubble for a while, but today I want to catch up with some of […]